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Play by Arthur Miller

October 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22

Written in 1953, this Tony Award winning play was written by Arthur Miller as an answer the hysteria inspired by Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Communist “witch-hunts” in the United States.

Based on events that transpired in the now notorious town of Salem in 1692, The Crucible unfolds as rumors begin to abound that witches may be living amongst the townsfolk. When the Reverend Parris finds his daughter ill, he becomes suspicious and questions his niece Abigail Williams. Claiming she suspects witchcraft in the town, and that the young girls of Salem are possessed by evil spirits, fingers are pointed and a frenzied hunt begins to discover who else among them harbor such secrets. When respected farmer John Proctor’s wife is accused, he begins a fight to expose the hoax and fight the hypocrisy of the puritanical judicial system.

Thrilling and insightful The Crucible is still a visceral look at the nature of humanity and remains important today as we continue to be quick to publicly shame, whilst ignoring the hypocrisy of our own thoughts and actions.