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The Man From Earth

Directed by Eric Jones
Written by Jerome Bixby


History professor John Oldman suddenly resigns from his position and prepares to move away, leaving his life and friends behind. When his friends unexpectedly arrive to see him off, and press him for an explanation, he decides for the first time in years to reveal his secret: that he's an immortal, having lived since pre-history, and that he moves on every ten years or so to keep people from realizing he doesn't age. His friends are, naturally, skeptical. Through the course of an evening, he reveals a great deal about his centuries-long life, as well as about history itself, not so much in an attempt to make them believe, but because he uncharacteristically feels the need to unburden himself. In the end, most of his friends are left uncertain whether this has all been an elaborate joke, a true revelation, or the rantings of a delusional man.!