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Community Players Episode 12:
Meet the Cast of Noises Off

Landon Sholar and Gretchen Ross

Gretchen Ross and Landon Sholar make a return appearance to the podcast talking about what will be their first appearance on stage together in Noises Off in May. We discuss the trials and tribulations of mounting such a huge physical comedy slamming door farce, spinning sets, influences from the stage and screen, mentorships, and carrying on the Magic of Civic Theatre through the generations. We talk about the power of Harold Hill to change a life, and throw down a Phantom VS. Phantom Cage Match Challenge!

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Community Players Episode 11:
Meet the Cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Erik Hurt and Brent Bredhold

It’s the Battle of the Billys this time out with a former and a current Billy Bibbit. Brent Bredhold (the former) and Erik Hurt (the current) chat about the stuttering character from Dale Wasserman’s adaptation of the Ken Kesey novel. The conversation derails rather quickly into a big nerd-fest about literature, comic books, horror movies, and video games – but we do get around to talking about the show at some point. We see how pop culture has a huge influence on both actors and director with discussions about Dracula, Stephen King, Tim Robbins, and the great American pastime - baseball. And we settle the argument about who’s better – Scarecrow or Lion? Plus a special poetry reading by George Bailey! Mentioned in this podcast are Toni Schaperjohn, Olivia Schaperjohn, Ellie Walker, Tyler Kinnaird, Christina Hauger, and Laurie Austin.

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Community Players Episode 10:
Meet the Cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Kevin Roach and Kris Zinn
We pick back up after the New Year's hiatus with the two leads from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. This episode we talk about the boom of independent filmmaking in the Evansville area, the Underground at the Annex, Merely Players of Owensboro, getting under the skin of two antagonists, Rubber Chicken Rehearsals, and the Kris Zinn intimidation factor. Mentioned in this Podcast are Breshaun Joiner, Marx Pyle, Herman Roach, and Nathan Dazey.

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Community Players Episode 9:
Meet the Cast of Wonderful Life
Gretchen Ross and Erik Hurt
The long awaited continuation of the Evansville Civic Theatre Community Players Podcast! I had a few down weeks, but after the last disaster tore me me down, we're back in action with Gretchen Ross and Erik Hurt - George Bailey and his lovely wife Mary. Check out what they have to say and look for a few more coming out over the next two weeks! Some mentions in this podcast - Keith Gambill, Father Jeremy King, Clay Prindle, Jared Brosmer, Nathan Dazey, Matt Effinger, and Ellen Shrode. We also talk about some shows directed by Eric Antey, Amanda Antey, and Jess McBride Thomas.

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Community Players Episode 8:
Meet the Cast of Wonderful Life
Rick Kersting and Kris Zinn
Say hello to Rick Kersting and Kris Zinn, two of the actors from It's A Wonderful Life: The Radio Play. This time around we talk about the Civic Theatre Formula and how our audiences are changing, coveted roles, Footloose, A Christmas Story, developing a directorial style, and we lovingly pick on Mark Atchison and Lisa Garrett. Repeatedly.

Mentioned in this podcast are Brandon Eck, Haley Marie Zinn, Jake Zinn, Ken Zinn, Dick Engbers, Erik Hurt, Melissa Henning, Charles Eldon Julius and a bevy of others.

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Community Players Episode 7:
Meet the Cast of Chicago
The Hodgen Sisters: Molly and Nikki Hodgen
This week features a “Sister Act” with Molly and Nikki Hodgen! Nikki is closing out her run as Matron “Mama” Morton in Chicago: The Musical and Molly is bringing Nikki along for the ride for her upcoming concert at the Germania Maennerchor for Civic Theatre on November 18. (Call 812-425-2800 for tickets!) The girls tease us with some mentions of the lineup for their concert, we discuss the legend of the Browne Sisters, Stage Dads, the Warrick County Summer Musical program, and the flash in the pan that was the Stardust Dinner Theatre at the old Executive Inn.

Mentioned in this podcast are Cary Gray and Jim Sonnemaker, Suzanne Godeke, Eric Antey, Mike Hancock, Wes Bernick, Julie Payne Kirchmeier, Mark Atchison, Annette Gries, Sue Schriber and Terry Becker, and Ruth Hartke, among others.

Community Players Episode 6:
Meet the Cast of Chicago
Meet the Directors: Christopher Tyner and Keith Gambill
This week features a sit down with the two directors of the show, Chris Tyner and Keith Gambill. We talk about the STELLAR review in the Evansville Courier and Press, how proud of the cast we are, and how our behind the scenes partnership began.

Mentioned in this podcast are Dick Engbers, Ricki Smith Newman, Kerry Newman, Cary Gray, Sue Schriber, Terry Becker, Joan Andy Lindauer, Gary and Glorie Heide, Joe Camper and Gary Wyatt, and the majority of the cast of Chicago, plus many more!

Community Players Episode 5:
Meet the Cast of Chicago
Dance Corps: Ben Crockett, Jared Brosmer, Katelin Coursey, & Alex Wilkison
This week is all about the dancers, baby! Jared Brosmer, Katelin Coursey, Benjamin Crockett, and Alex Wilkison give us the low down on dancin’ feet, how church inspired a love for music, who would win in a fight between Disney Princesses, and (SPOILER ALERT!) men in diapers!

Community Players Episode 4:
Meet the Cast of Chicago
"Chorus Boys" Nathan Dazey, Landon Sholar, and Matt Effinger
This week's guests: Nathan Dazey, Landon Sholar, and Matt Effinger. The Boys of Summer have made the transition to Fall. These three men became friends during our summer production of Wizard of Oz and are now side by side once again in Chicago. This episode we talk about Evansville Ballet, a love of inappropriate TV, and the birth of an Elvis Impersonator.

Community Players Episode 3:
Meet the Cast of Chicago
Roxie Hart, Velma Kelley, and the Man of 1000 Faces
This week's guests: Laura Jones as Roxie Hart, Kensington Blaylock as Velma Kelley, and the "Man of 1000 Faces" - Brandon Eck. This week, we discuss Kensington's Think Pink! Productions upcoming Annex show "Frozen"; how the actors got their start in theatre; and Reese Witherspoon's mighty chin.

Community Players Episode 2:
Meet the Cast of Chicago
Three of the Merry Murderesses: Kiley Eberhard, Sidney Shripka, and Allyson Shelby
This week's guests: Three of the Merry Murderesses - Kiley Volice Eberhard, Sidney Breanne, and Allyson Shelby. Listen now or download to iTunes by clicking on this link. Some topics of discussion: Annex shows directed by Josh Kight and Nick 'Frick' Wentzel; a shout out to Ricki Smith Newman; we get a little nerdy with talk of Harry Potter and Comic Books; and a plug for the better Phantom.

Community Players Episode 1:
Meet the Cast of Chicago
The men behind Billy Flynn and Amos Hart: Jeffrey Walker and Matt Hart
Who else gets mentioned in this podcast? Dick Engbers, Jeni Ahlfeld, Andrew York, Cami Gilman, Lenore Cupp, Gary Olson, and Lynn Kinkade, among others. Talking about the extended Civic Theatre Family!



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